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How to Choose the Right Ethernet Cable for Your Network?

To build your Ethernet network, the transmission media Ethernet cable is indispensable. And there are a variety of choices for Ethernet cables, such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and so on. If you are familiar with the differences between these different types of Ethernet cables, you may think it’s very simple to choose the right Ethernet […]

Cable Management Cable Manager

Introduction to Cable Manager

The trend for high density connectivity in data centers makes cabling systems more and more complicated, which also brings the difficulty to cable management. There is no doubt that improper cable management can result in performance issues, such as data transmission errors, and even system downtime. Therefore, it is necessary to find effective tools to […]

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Unsuitable Length of Ethernet Cable In Your Application?

Sometimes we may encounter the situation where the length of Ethernet cable bought in store is not suitable for the application. Is there an cost-effective way to solve this problem? Terminating the cable with RJ45 connector or using a RJ45 coupler to connect two cables by yourself can be a good option. This passage will […]