Copper Network Ethernet Cable Patch Panel

Can I Use Cat5e Cable With Cat6 Patch Panel?

As a key component of copper cabling system, copper patch panel is popular with people. And there are Cat5e patch panels and Cat6 patch panels available on the market. It is not difficult to understand that Cat5e patch panel is used with Cat5e patch cable, while Cat6 patch panel is used with Cat6 patch cable […]

Cable Management Cable Manager

Practical Knowledge About 1U Detachable Horizontal Cable Management Panel

As big data technology has been widely used, the size of data centers becomes bigger and bigger. This makes the cabling system in data centers become more and more complicated. For data center managers, they not only have to ensure right connections between devices under high-density cabling environment, but also have to take cable management […]

Cable Management Cable Manager Cable Tie

Tips for Good Cable Management

Data center is regarded as the “central nervous system” of the whole network. If there is something wrong with data center, the network performance will be seriously affected. As high-density cabling becomes a trend, cable management turns out to be more and more important. We can clearly see the results of bad cable management and […]

Cable Management Cable Manager

Introduction to Cable Manager

The trend for high density connectivity in data centers makes cabling systems more and more complicated, which also brings the difficulty to cable management. There is no doubt that improper cable management can result in performance issues, such as data transmission errors, and even system downtime. Therefore, it is necessary to find effective tools to […]