MTP Cassette MTP-8 Solution

Applications of FHX Ultra MTP/MPO Cassettes

Nowadays, data communication technology has developed rapidly. To achieve high speed transmission, it is very common to see complex cabling system in data center, which may even include thousands of fibers. Under such circumstances, saving space in data center is a critical issue. Therefore, fiber optic components or cabling solutions which are characterized by high […]

MTP System MTP-8 Solution

MTP Trunks and Breakouts for 10G to 40G Migration

With the rapid development of datacom, 10Gbps is no longer enough for massive data transmission. Many data center managers set their sights on 10G to 40G migration. However, it is not possible to upgrade all 10G equipment in the cabling system because of the high cost. Therefore, finding a cost-effective solution for the migration has […]

MTP System MTP-8 Solution

How Much Do You Know About MTP-8 Solution?

It is not difficult to find that MTP components are widely used for high density application in data centers. As 40G and 100G network has been utilized by many data centers, two common types of cabling solutions are popular among data center managers—MTP-12 solution and MTP-24 solution, which use links based on increments of 12 […]