MTP Cassette MTP-8 Solution

Applications of FHX Ultra MTP/MPO Cassettes

Nowadays, data communication technology has developed rapidly. To achieve high speed transmission, it is very common to see complex cabling system in data center, which may even include thousands of fibers. Under such circumstances, saving space in data center is a critical issue. Therefore, fiber optic components or cabling solutions which are characterized by high […]

Fiber Optic Cabling MTP System

Deploy 40G/100G in Your Data Center

Due to the massive amount of storage is needed for high bandwidth, the demand for higher capacity of network deployment is rapidly increasing. Obviously, the conservative 2-fiber transmission is not enough to satisfied the need. And 12 or 24-fiber 40/100G Ethernet migration is quickly becoming a hot spot. This article will provide some cabling solutions […]

MTP System

Practical Knowledge About MTP Fiber Testing

High density cabling is common in today’s data centers. Characterized by fast installation, high density and high performance cabling, MTP fiber optic cable has become the common cabling solution to satisfy the ever increasing bandwidth requirements of data centers, such as MTP MPO fiber breakout cable, SM MTP trunk cable, MTP conversion cable and so […]

Fiber Optic Cabling MTP System

Applications of MTP Conversion Cable

We know that MTP/MPO cable is a great option for nowadays data center fiber optic cabling which needs higher and higher cabling density and transmission capability. In most cases, 12-fiber MTP cable is used to realize 10G to 40G or 40G to 40G connection. However, there is a problem in this cabling system—only eight fibers […]

Fiber Optic Cabling

Duplex Connectivity And Parallel Connectivity in Data Center

As the size of data center becomes larger and larger, the network deployment in data center is more and more complicated. In data center, duplex connectivity and parallel connectivity are two of the most commonly deployed cabling system. However, to satisfy different requirements for cabling system, these two connectivity solutions are often utilized together. This […]